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Facilitation - an investment to
improve human productivity

Facilitation helps a group to perform meetings, workshops and processes in a more engaging and effective way. It supports the group to focus, have a better interactivity and knowledge sharing between participants, which in the end creates higher quality outcome from the session.

When facilitating, Louise Wester supports the clarification of your purpose and goal, designs the workshop, meeting or process with methods that can be adapted as circumstances changes. During the session Louise Wester makes sure all participants are heard, stick to the topic and maintain forward momentum in the pace best for your specific group.

You focus on the content, Louise Wester is your enabler in the process.


What is facilitation?

Facilitation is a competency to ensure the designing and performing of a successful workshop, meeting or process.

In particular, facilitation is important in circumstances where people of diverse backgrounds, interests or capabilities work together

A facilitator is someone who helps a group to find their common objective, assists them in the process design and guides them during the meeting or process without taking a particular position in the discussion.