Visualisation Communication Facilitation Training About me

Be brave keep it simple!

..that is my motto.
The last fifteen years I have focused on coaching leadership teams, specialists and organisations in the field of communication, change management and graphic facilitation and graphic recording. I have worked with global companies, with key focus on the research and development parts of the businesses. Facilitation and visualisation are key tools for me.

My passion for science, personal interaction, pedagogic, engagement and creativity have been driving forces throughout my career.

After a stint in the marketing and advertising field I studied biology and chemistry at Lund University and commenced a PhD student in the Animal Physiology department. During studies I built skills in the education of our students and my skills as a mask, make-up and wigs artist for theatre. A combination you may find a bit odd, but to be honest it has shown to be more useful and fun than expected.

After a number of years in the industry working with early phase pharmaceutical clinical trials, a marketing colleague set me on the course to utilise my particular skills to seamlessly move between the fields of research and marketing. A new journey had started ... focused and engaging